Pre East to West Bicycle Touring Grocery List


Looking back into my notes from 2014 before my cross country bicycle tour. It dawned on me how so much planning went into the trip. From route building, bike checking and gear prepping. Food was certainly one of the more challenging aspects of planning for a bicycle tour.

First you have to figure out what you enjoy eating and write it down. You then think about whether or not these foods are healthy and will contribute to my fitness and benefit me so I can climb up that 11,000-foot Monarch Pass in Colorado without bonking.

You then factor in your geographic location where you will be touring. This plays a huge part in getting access to the foods on your grocery list because if you’re in a remote area or small village it can be difficult to get what you need. In my case, cycling in the U.S. provided a great deal of foods that are healthy and accessible when touring on road. While smaller towns were limited with markets and often times miles and miles away, planning meals in advanced was my only option if I wanted to eat healthy and be able to maximize my fitness on the bike.

Lastly chop the list in half because most of it you won’t be able to fit in your panniers.

My point is, like the bicycle our bodies are tools that transport us from point A to B. My goal is to provide my body with optimum nutrients while out touring to enable me to maximize my time while out touring and enjoy every pedal. Below is my 2014 grocery list in preparation for my bicycle tour from New York to California. Many of the foods on this list were modified during this trip. However, many of them became staples till this day – Enjoy!

Pre-East to West Trip Grocery List

I created this list based on what would be most accessible at grocery stores, markets, and rest stops while on the road. Many of the dry/ super foods will be pre-packed along with items on the grocery list. Other items will be purchased in route if available. These items are subject to change and what some may call unconventional. But they are instrumental with my riding and everyday lifestyle. And I’m glad to share how I meld them into my riding while on tour.

Grocery List

Coffee/ Tea
Tomato Sauce
Canned corn
Canned Black Beans
Canned Chick Peas
Peanut Butter
Tuna Fish

Dry/ Super Foods *these items will be pre-packed

Beet Powder
Chia Seeds
Ginger Root
Cayenne Pepper
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Beef / Turkey Jerky
Dried Pineapple
Trail Mix

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