Climbing The Blue Ridge PKWY

Apart from the wet boots, squinting my eyes from the sharp raindrops and not being able to figure out if I was soaking wet or sweating under my hard shell rain jacket. Climbing the Blue Ridge Parkway was a joyance and one to be remembered.

The breathtaking views once ascending the peaks on the ridgelines, descending and listening to the passes of the wind and the flux in the clouds as the peaks of the mountains broke through.IĀ Stopped 3100 feet and unpacked my Snow Peak Lite Max for a quick roadside lunch. I enjoyed the views of the valley at the overlook as the sun started to break through the clouds


Somewhere along the climb I met two friendly guys who were wrapping up a days work on the roadway. We chatted for a while and they were nice enough to supply me with a PowerAde, water and kernel corn. I sat again, ate, relaxed for a bit before heading off.


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